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TAMSEN FIRESTONE is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of the website, She is also the editor of books written for the psychology profession by her husband Dr. Robert Firestone. Among these are Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships and Fear of Intimacy.

Tamsen created and launched in 2006 with the goal of making the psychological material that Robert was providing professionals available to the general public. To accomplish this, she converted the content of his books and articles into language that everyday people could easily understand, offering psychological information for everyday life. Since its inception, more than five million people have benefited from visiting PsychAlive, as well as from participating in the eCourses and Webinars it offers. 

Tamsen noticed a spike in interest on Robert's "The Human Experience" blog, when he wrote about how and why we sabotage our loving relationships. She thought this subject would make a valuable book for the general public, and when she couldn’t persuade Robert to write it, she decided to write it herself. After all, people are looking for answers to the question that so many seem to be asking: Why do I keep failing in my intimate relationships? Daring to Love is that book. 

By the way, Robert ended up editing this book and offering his input.

ROBERT W. FIRESTONE, PHD, is a psychologist and author whose best- known books, The Fantasy Bond, Voice Therapy, Combating Destructive Thought Processes, and Compassionate Childrearing, outline a comprehensive theory on neurosis and human development. His studies on negative thought processes and their associated effect have led to the development of voice therapy, an advanced therapeutic methodology to uncover and contend with aspects of self-destructive and self-limiting behaviors. 


Foreword writer LESLIE S. GREENBERG, PHD, is a distinguished research professor emeritus of psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. 

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