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 When it comes to love, are you standing in the way of your own happiness?

“Daring to Love is a wonderfully wise, beautifully written, and eminently practical book for anyone wishing to establish and maintain deeper, richer, and more lasting close relationships."

Phillip R. Shaver, PhD, 
distinguished professor of psychology emeritus, University of California, Davis
“This book invites us into raw vulnerability only made possible by the competent, compassionate hands of two authors who have lived—and loved—the principles they set forth." 
Pat Love, EdD, LMFT, 
author of The Truth About Love



Tamsen Firestone with Robert W. Firestone PhD

Tamsen is the founder and editor-in-chief of PsychAlive.org, an online mental health resource visited by millions of people each year. She has also been a principle editor for many of the books written by her husband, Robert W. Firestone. Among these are Fear of IntimacyConquer Your Critical Inner Voice, and The Fantasy Bond

Robert Firestone is a theorist, clinical psychologist and author whose best-selling book, The Fantasy Bond, remains a perennial favorite with therapists, clients, recovery groups, and readers focused on personal development. Dr. Firestone’s major works are recognized worldwide as significant contributions to the field of psychology. 

Tamsen Firestone
interviewed on
Tamsen Firestone 
interviewed by Nita Vallens
KPFK Los Angeles 90.7FM

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

This book is dedicated to each of you who, with strength and courage, is daring to love.

Tamsen Firestone

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